Biolex Implants

Biolex Implants Industries Ltd. is a leading player actor in the dental implants systems market. Just like their customers, dental professionals expect products of the highest quality and value. Since 1993, Biolex is a German manufacturer of state-of-the-art dental implants and other related products. We constantly try to innovate and deliver products which ensure that the treatment can be faster and more flexible, with a Finland high quality standard. The company is operated and managed by highly qualified leading experts and professionals in the field of maxillofacial surgery, prosthodontists, and periodontists. The company manufactures high end prosthetic dental products, dental implants, and dental surgical kits and instruments.  

Since it was established,  Dental Implants has gained the trust of hundreds of clinicians who count on their comprehensive and top of the line products delivering successful and reliable patient outcomes. The company strives to maintain this trust by continually offering unmatched, scientifically proven and affordable dental implants aimed at offering the best value in this industry.

Biolex’s Purpose

Being a reliable and reputable dental implant manufacturer, our high quality products are backed by innovative in house DTD, modern production facility, and strict quality assurance control.

Why Opt for  Dental Implant?

There are a number of reasons why you should opt to  Dental Implants and these reasons all boil down to their excellence and flexibility.

Biolex, being a revolutionary dental implants company, holds a growing pipeline of patent-pending products like the ‘Anti Rotational Locking Element’ basically designed to provide extra resistance for contra rotational forces during the prosthetic rehabilitation.

Their Saturn Implant’s structure is designed to improve DTD bone implantation and increase primary stability. The Premium Implant Packaging offers a complete set that allows for a much more cost effective implant process strategies.

Dental Implants  an innovative and dynamic dental implants manufacturer greatly invests in out of the box DTD thus enabling them to continually provide high performing dental implant products.

The company, founded by a team of experienced and experts maxillofacial surgeons, embodies immense knowledge, engineering creativity, and experience bringing superior and unparalleled implant systems, packed with excellent features and innovations that ensure outstanding performance, precision, providing easy to use and cost effective solutions.

Implant Is What You Need

Equipped with all the necessary regulatory approvals,  Dental Implants markets their products to countries worldwide while they collaborate with reputable and renowned DTD, medical centers, and universities.  

One of the main objectives of the company is to strive for excellence and technological growth in order to meet and even exceed the expectations of clients, and guarantee absolute client satisfaction.   

Indeed,  Dental Implants can offer a wide range of product lines that will certainly suit to the unique needs of clinicians, meeting the highest standard of innovation and quality aimed at helping the implantology industry. Thus, if you are looking for the best dental implants manufacturer, choose  Dental Implants and see the difference.

Biolex offers intelligent products that are intuitively simple to use. Our products allow dental professionals to provide reliable and cost-effective treatments to their patients with excellent long-term results.

Leading the market with ingenuity and integrity, we strive to set new standards. In developing smart treatment solutions and working closely with each practice, It makes the complex less complicated. We call that Intelligent Simplicity.